Table Tennis

Every Wednesday, when you reach the lobby of the Manningham Chinese Senior Citizens Club, you can hear joyful laughter, mixed with "Kill!" and "Oh!". You can see eight men and women competing at 2 table tennis tables and then you realize that they are the ones making those sounds. They try to beat their opponents by topspin, backspin and as tricky as possible to return the ball to the other side of the table. You can hear a shout of acclaim when someone returns an ace or the sound of disappointment when the return is bad. You can also hear laughter when one side was being put in an awkward position. This is the Table Tennis Group of Manningham Chinese Senior Citizens Club.

Table tennis is one of China's national sports and China is still in the top position since it acquired its first world table tennis man's single title in the fifties. We are proud of this!

Table Tennis is not a violent sport and is great for seniors because the ball is small and fast that requires quick reflexes from the player. The group started with a table and 8-10 members and has grown to two with more than 40 members. Each player is rostered to play two games in turns, regardless of whether they win or lose. Some team members are so enthusiastic that they come very early to set up the table and they pack up and leave when the hall closes. They also demonstrate their skills to those inexperienced beginners. They also share the world table tennis championship videos with one another and have friendly competitions with other clubs. Winning or losing is not material but the most important thing is participation and they enjoy socializing, the competition and the friendship.

It is foreseeable that more and more seniors will fall in love with table tennis no matter how well or bad they play. As long as they enjoy the game and feel happy, that is enough!
  • Team Leader:
  • Mr Chong-Man Chan
  • Time:
  • 8:30am - 2:30pm
  • Location:
  • Supper Room
  • Language:
  • Cantonese, Mandarin or English
  • Cost:
  • Free